At Tri-State Baptist Academy, we recognize that Jesus Christ is the source of all knowledge and that according to Proverbs 10:14, “Wise men lay up knowledge.” The Bible is the guide for life; therefore, Bible study is a recognized part of the curriculum of Tri-State Baptist Academy. All students have a Bible class or chapel each day that includes Bible study, Bible memorization, and practical Christian training. In the Bible classes and chapel, students are asked to use the Old King James Version of the Bible.

In our elementary school, we use the A Beka Book textbooks. These textbooks place a strong emphasis on phonics, reading comprehension, and math.

Our high school program has a college preparatory track and a general track with textbooks selected from A Beka Book. Keyboarding, computer, music, math, physics, and other electives are available to our high school students.

Graduation Requirements

Tri-State Baptist Academy requires a student to complete a program of study at least equivalent to the State of Connecticut. A student must accumulate at least twenty-four (24) credits to graduate during the ninth through twelfth grades. The following number of credits is required:bigstock-pretty-african-female-college--58860047

  • Bible (4 credits)

  • English (4 credits)

  • Math (3 credits)

  • Science (2 credits)

  • American History (1 credit)

  • American Government

  • Geography (1 credit)

  • World History (1 credit)

  • Speech (1 credit)

  • Foreign Language (2 credits)

  • Physical Education (1 credit)

A student must be within one credit of graduation in order to participate in commencement.

Academic Policy

Grading Scale

The following letter grading system will be used in the kindergarten through high school:

A 90-100% B 80-89% C 70-79% D 60-69%

4.0 GPA 3.0 GPA 2.0 GPA 1.0 GPA

F 0-59% 0 GPA I 0% 0 GPA

Report Cards

Tri-State Baptist Academy operates on a nine-week grading period. Report cards are typically sent home one week after the conclusion of the grading period. Report cards not only state the academic progress of the student, but also describe the conduct of that particular student.

Any parent who desires to meet with his/her child’s teacher may call the office to schedule an appointment. Please do not arrive unannounced and request a conference-this does not allow the teacher to adequately prepare his/her thoughts and recommendations for improvement. Unannounced visits typically interrupt the time that a teacher needs to effectively prepare for his/her classes.

To keep elementary parents informed of their child’s progress during the grading period, folders are sent home on a weekly basis.


Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher is at liberty to give homework to aid each student. Therefore, each student is expected to successfully complete his homework assignment each day.

Homework may be given for the purposes of remedial reasons and individual projects relating to school studies. Continued failure to complete homework assignments will result not only in academic penalty, but also disciplinary measures. No homework is assigned on Wednesdays or during other special meetings of Tri- State Baptist Church. We are happy to work with families who attend other churches who may have special meetings throughout the year in their churches. Please contact the principal concerning such situations.

There will be reasonable amounts of homework given to students of all grades. All homework must be done neatly and correctly and on the exact paper specified by the teacher.

Each Monday, elementary students will take home folders that need to be signed by the parent and returned the next day. Students should make any corrections or complete unfinished work as instructed by the individual teacher. The folder will include tests, class papers, and school notices. While we encourage parents to keep daily work, we ask that they return all tests and quizzes to the teacher.

Parents will receive homework notices if homework is not turned in or is unacceptable. Disciplinary measures will be applied as necessary and reduced grades may be given. Please return signed homework notices the day after they are sent home.

Tutoring Services

If a student requires tutoring services, TSBA administration will recommend a TSBA teacher to provide tutoring services. Parents will be required to make payment directly to Tri-State Baptist Academy: $25 per hour.

We will be having tutors available for both math and English for those who need additional assistance.

Ronald Berard - IMG_3626

Joseph Gaone

In 2013, Joe graduated from The University of Akron in Akron, Ohio with a BS/MS degree in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Physics. He is currently a doctoral student in Mathematics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Joe has experience teaching at the high school and undergraduate level as a professional tutor and assisting with mathematical research as a Graduate Assistant.

Ronald Berard - IMG_3614

Tracey Gaone

Tracey graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Akron in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education. She is a licensed Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist for the Worcester Public Schools. Currently Tracey works with seventh and eighth grade students, but has teaching experience across a variety of grade levels and content areas.



In order to gain the most from the school, each student must be in regular attendance. The school calendar at TSBA reflects that of the public school system in that we strive to hold classes for 180 days with 50 minute class periods (at the high school level). We place great importance on school attendance, and as a result, allow few exceptions for excused absences.

Student attendance is recorded on a period-by-period basis for each course. Students are expected to attend all assigned classes. Parents are responsible for contacting the office prior to the start of the school day to notify the school of their child’s' absence. If the student has seen a physician, please send a physician’s note along with the parent’s note upon the student’s return. Parents are asked to be extremely conscientious in sending notes the day their child returns to class.

Students who are absent from school as a result of illness for three (3) or more consecutive days must report directly to the office with professional documentation upon their return to school.

It is the responsibility of the absent student to request assignments from his/her teachers. Tests or exams must be made up within five (5) days of return.

Any student who is absent will not be able to attend any extracurricular activities on that day (i.e.,ball games, concerts, etc.) unless special permission is granted by the principal in advance to participate due to extenuating circumstances.


Because promptness is an important Biblical principle, students will be expected to be at school on time. Excessive tardiness hinders the student’s effectiveness and disrupts the class being taught.

Students who come to school late must report to the school office and present a note stating the specific reason for tardiness. The office will determine if it is excused and will give the student a pass to class. Students with no note (or verbal contact from the parent) will receive an unexcused tardy.

Excessive Absences

If a student is excessively absent—eight (8) days or more during the semester - this could result in a failing grade for courses affected by the absences. In addition, if the student is in high school, this could result in a loss of credits for the affected courses. Parents will be required to make arrangements for the student to make up the credits.

Make-Up Work

All work, including tests, missed due to an excused absence must be made up according to the number of days absent. Each student is given the number of days he is absent plus one extra day to make up his work (i.e., if a student misses four days, he has five days to complete his work). If work is not made up in the time allotted, zeros will be given for each incomplete assignment.

All quizzes and tests must be made up after school. Teachers may leave tests and quizzes in his/her box in the school office. An office representative will administer the make-up test or quiz. All missed schoolwork due to an unexcused absence must be completed on the day the student returns to school or the student will receive a zero.

Illness During a School Day

Please do not send students to school who have experienced a fever, sore throat, diarrhea, or vomiting within the past twenty-four hours. Please give them time to recover. If a child becomes ill during the school day, the parent will be notified. Sickness at school is generally determined if the child is running a fever or vomiting.

Leaving School

All parents coming during class time to pick up students for dental appointments, medical appointments, or other excused absences must report to the office and not to the student’s classroom. If a student must leave school early, a written note from the parent stating the reason is to be brought to the school office before classes begin in the morning. A slip will be given to the student to show the teacher when it is time to leave. The parent is to come to the school office and ask for the student.


Every student of Tri-State Baptist Academy is required to attend chapel every Friday. Each student must bring his/her Bible to chapel. Special dress code considerations for chapel days are delineated in the Academy dress code.

Missing Physical Education

Students who are unable to participate in physical education must have a doctor’s excuse or a note from a parent.



• If a student fails reading, he/she is retained.
• If a student is considered to be too immature for first grade work, retention is recommended.

• If a student is weak in phonics and reading, tutoring will be recommended

First - Third Grades

• If a student fails both math and reading, he/she is retained.
• Tutoring is recommended if a failing grade is earned in either math or reading.
• If a student is weak in phonics and reading, tutoring will be recommended.

Fourth - Sixth Grades

• A student who earns a D in math, language, or reading is recommended for tutoring.

• A student who earns an F in any one of the above mentioned subjects is recommended for tutoring.

• If a student earns an F in all three of the above mentioned subjects, he/she is retained.

Seventh - Twelth Grades

• A student who earns an F in both math and English is retained.
• A student who earns an F in either math or English is recommended for tutoring.

• A student must pass three out of four major subjects (math, English, social studies, and science) to be promoted.
• It is strongly recommended that students who earn D’s in both semesters of either math or English receive a tutor.


A student may be dismissed or expelled from school at any time if he/she is found to be out of harmony with the rules and policies of the school. Decisions in these matters are the full responsibility of the administration.

Students engaged in questionable conduct, which in the opinion of the administration brings reproach on the testimony of Tri-State Baptist Academy, are subject to dismissal. This policy is true regardless of time or location.

Reasons for Dismissal

  • Parent will not cooperate with the administration or the school.

  • A student’s conduct, attitude, negative influence, or lack of effort makes it

    inadvisable for that student to remain in Tri-State Baptist Academy.

  • Continual failure to achieve academically or continual lack of effort.

  • Failure to remain current on school account.

Reasons For Expulsion

  • Drugs or alcohol (use, possession, or association).

  • Threats (by parents or students) to administration, faculty, staff, or students.

  • Destruction of personal or school property.

  • Obscene gestures and language directed at the faculty, staff, or other


  • Immorality (any sexual activity outside of marriage).

  • Inappropriate social media content (as explained on page 9-10).

Tri-State Baptist Academy expects that its students show respect to God, Country, family, faculty, and fellow students. Anyone who will not cooperate spiritually, morally, or scholastically will not be allowed to remain at Tri-State Baptist Academy.