Students are accepted on the basis of available space, their character, scholastic record, without regard to race, color, national, or ethnic origin; and a genuine desire on the part of the parents to have their children in a Christian school. Only those children who we feel will adjust to our particular program, and whose parents agree to cooperate fully with the teachers and administration, will be admitted.

Admission Age

K-5 students must be five (5) years old by September 1st.

Enrollment Procedure

1.  Complete and sign registration forms and pay registration fee.

2. New students and parents meet with the administrator.

3. Testing of student, if necessary.

4. Copy of Birth certificate and Completed immunization record on file as required for students in the state of Connecticut.

5. Application and parental contact information is also needed.

If the Pastor does not feel that the student should be accepted into the school at the time of the interview, he will notify the parents at that time. If, after receiving the records or recommendations on the student, the administration chooses not to accept the student, the parents will be notified in person or by phone and be sent a letter officially stating that the registration has been denied.