The buildings, facilities, and property of Tri-State Baptist Church and Christian Academy belong to God. Respect for the appearance and care of the school is a part of one’s Christian duty. Damaging or destroying property, littering, and other offenses are not evidences of proper Christian character.

Willful damage or destruction of church or school property will not be tolerated. All damage must be paid for, whether willful or accidental.

All students are expected to report to the office any damage to furniture or other school property immediately.

Students must also respect the property of other students.

School Office hours

The school office opens at 7:45 A.M. and closes at 2:15 P.M. Appointments may also be made for other days. Staff members are unavailable for drop-in meetings on these days.


Visitors to Tri-State Baptist Academy must obtain a pass from the school office before visiting or observing classes, music, practices, or the lunchroom. This policy also includes former students. Special arrangements for these visits or observations must be made through the administration or office staff. The policy for visitors would also apply to school volunteers.

Lost & Found

Lost or misplaced articles may be picked up in the school office before school, during lunch, and after school. Parents are asked to write their child’s name clearly on all items brought to school, including jackets, lunch boxes, and books. All items not identifiable will be disposed of after a reasonable amount of time.


Students need to bring their own lunches. Due to time restraint, please limit how often you pack items that need to be heated up.

Students are asked not to bring food or drinks out of the lunchroom since this generally creates a littering problem. Students should not chew gum in the lunchroom.


Students will not be allowed to make phone calls during the day unless the calls are considered necessary by the office staff. In the case of an emergency, the office staff will place the call.

Selling on Campus

Any students or organizations wishing to sell items on the campus of Tri-State Baptist Academy must gain prior approval of the dates, items, and methods from the Academy administrator.

Fire Drills

Fire drills will be conducted on a quarterly basis under the supervision of the administration and the Thompson Fire Department.